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10 Most Creepy Coincidences of All Time


As humans, freak occurrences happen. Usually the logical side of the brain takes over and casts them into the ‘Nah’ folder. These stories, however, will make you think twice about cosmic oddities being only mere happenstance.

1. Tom and John Write Together, Tom and John Die Together

10 Most Creepy Coincidences of All Time

We credit Thomas Jefferson with the brilliance that is the Declaration of Independence. But like most works of profound influence, there is usually more than one hand at work. John Adams was a close editor and confidant of Jefferson’s, and each would have similar things in common as well.

They died on the same day on July 4, 1826, exactly 50 years after the signing of America’s best document. Odd? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

2. A Photographic Coincidence

10 Most Creepy Coincidences of All Time

Couple Nick and Aimee Wheeler married 20 years after Nick’s family took this photo. Remarkably, Aimee is pictured a mere 10 feet away in the background. They didn’t know each other. Nick and Aimee were wed on the same beach two decades later.

3. Twin Crash

10 Most Creepy Coincidences of All Time

In 1994, two sisters took fateful drives to deliver presents to each other on Christmas Eve. Lorraine and Levinia collided on the way, ending both their lives tragically and freakishly. They lived in separate towns, and had the last name ‘Christmas.’

4. First and Last Soldiers Buried in Vexing Locations

10 Most Creepy Coincidences of All Time

Private John Parr was the first British soldier to die in World War I on August 21, 1914. In one of the bloodiest wars in history, almost a million English lives would be lost.

The last British soldier to die was George Edwin Ellison, 30, in 1918. Unplanned and infinitely bizarre, both soldiers were buried in the same cemetery, 15 feet away, with both graves facing each other.

5. Two Tales, Two Unsinkable Ships, Two Icebergs

10 Most Creepy Coincidences of All Time

In 1898, English author Morgan Robertson wrote a novella titled “Futility.” It was about the world’s largest passenger ship, Titan, striking an iceberg and sinking in the cold North Atlantic.

Both happened in April. Both sank 400 miles from Newfoundland. Both were described as unsinkable. Both had maximum occupancies of 3,000 passengers. And both had upwards of 2,000 souls drown in the icy waters.

6. The Curious Story of Edwin Booth

10 Most Creepy Coincidences of All Time

John Wilkes Booth and Abraham Lincoln had an eerie connection even before the most infamous assassination in American history.

The brother of Booth, Edwin Booth, was waiting for a train in 1864. A man whom Edwin never knew tripped above the tracks and nearly fell into an oncoming train in Jersey City, but was pulled to safety by Edwin. That man was Lincoln’s son, Robert Lincoln.

7. The Weirdest Thing to Ever Happen

10 Most Creepy Coincidences of All Time

Two 17-year-old brothers were struck and killed by the same taxi driver carrying the same passenger at the same intersection, exactly one year apart. Levin and Erskine Ebbin met their fatal demise in Bermuda in 1974 and 1975.

8. Mark Twain’s Cosmic Revelation

10 Most Creepy Coincidences of All Time

The day Halley’s Comet appeared in 1835 was the same day Mark Twain was born. Twain, one of history’s most celebrated writers, said this a year before he died: “It is coming again next year and I expect to go with it… Now here are these two unaccountable freaks; they came in together, they must go out together.”

In 1910, he passed. One day later, Halley’s Comet brushed past Earth yet again.

9. James Dean’s Little Bastard

10 Most Creepy Coincidences of All Time

In 1955, James Dean would own a Porsche Spyder, one of only 90 in the world. The vehicle would kill him in a fiery crash, but the “Little Bastard,” as he dubbed it, would live out its name in infamy.

The Porsche was basically an agent of Satan:
  • The man who bought “Little Bastard” after Dean’s death, George Barris, would restore it; while mechanics were unloading it, the engine fell out and broke both of an engineer’s legs.
  • The parts were later sold to Troy McHenry and William Eschrid, two physicians and racing nerds who would face the wrath of “Little Bastard” during a contest at the Pomona Fairgrounds; both installed parts from the Porsche, and McHenry’s vehicle smashed into a tree, killing him instantly; Eschrid’s car flipped and he sustained life-threatening injuries.
  • Barris, still owning a lion’s share of the parts, reluctantly sold two of its tires to a boy; a short time later both tires blew out and the boy would die.
  • What was left of “Little Bastard” was sold to the California Highway Patrol; within two days, the garage hosting the car burnt to the ground and every vehicle within was destroyed, except for “Little Bastard.”
  • Auctioned to an exhibit, the Porsche crushed a teen’s hip when it fell from the display.
  • Through all this, a young man tried to steal the steering wheel and he gashed his arm significantly.
  • In 1960, “Little Bastard” mysteriously disassembled and broke into 11 pieces, rendering it useless for good.

George Barris said he had “bad feelings” about the Porsche Spyder when he first saw it.

10. Same Heart

10 Most Creepy Coincidences of All Time

In 1975, British twins John and Arthur Mowforth perished in eerie circumstances. “What happened to one usually happened to the other,” their sister said.

On May 22, 1975, both experienced “severe chest pains” and died at precisely the same moment in hospitals 100 miles apart. -craveonline

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