Saturday, October 6, 2012

World Business Counterfeiting and Fakes in China


China is known for counterfeiting and fakes. While it maybe illegal, at the same time one can't but marvel at the ingenuity of the fakes. Most of the time you can't tell the difference: an entire Disneyland re-created, Apple stores that stock original Apple products; KFC, McDonalds and many other brands have fallen prey to Chinese fakes. We present a few of the brands that have been slighted.


The iconic consumer electronics company was not flattered when it found out that its signature Apple store's design was copied and its logo emblazoned all over it.


China not only created an entire Disney theme park, but it also copied all of Disney's favorite characters like Micky Mouse and Donald Duck!


China has an IKEA store that's bigger that many football fields, its also a nation that home to make stores that fake the IKEA look, feel and products.


China can't get enough of KFC, consuming vast quantities of fried chicken and burgers, not all of them sold is the real deal though!


Just like KFC and Pizza Hut, McDonalds faces stiff competition from Chinese companies, that copy very last detail of the fast food giant.


China makes the bulk of Nike's shoes and accessories, no wonder than it also is the largest market for fake Nike products.


China is one of Nokia's biggest markets, but its also the place where you will encounter the most number of fake Nokia phones.

Pizza Hut

One of the biggest fast food markets in the world, China is also home to many companies which replicate the menu and branding of fast food giants like Pizza Hut.


The American coffee giant has to deal with many companies in China that have copied its look, feel, branding and variety of coffees served.


There are many Walmart clones in China replicating the American company's big retail philosophy.

Source: Yahoo

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