Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hottest and Sexy Female Athletes


If we were to break it down and rank these women based on their sport then we could come up with a better foundation. We can only pick one. Not three from one sport, just one from each sport.

There are too many angles to examine. For one, how does a beach volleyball star compare to a female softball player by hotness? The odds are in favor of the beach volleyball players.

Leryn Franco

Leryn Franco belongs in our world. She should always be around sports lists that talk about hot women. Why not? She is gorgeous.

Her talent is on par with the rest of the javelin tossers in the world, but it is her look that garners all of the attention. Call me crazy, but isn't that why we read these posts?

Kimiko Zakreski

Kimiko Zakreski is not an active snowboarder—she was not even involved in the Winter X Games on ESPN this year—but she is not retired. She is just taking some time off for herself.

If more athletes would do this, maybe they could last longer and be able to play until they are 45. Right, Peyton?

Tessa Virtue
Figure Skating

In the wonderful world of figure skating, Tessa Virtue goes unnoticed. She gets little media attention and now that I have done extensive research, I find out that she is quite the looker.

I still can not believe I missed her all these times, but no more. She is the hottest female figure skater of today.

Melanie Adams
Pole Vaulting

Melanie Adams is a model/pole vaulter. So once the modeling thing fizzles out, maybe she can make a living jumping over obstacles using poles.

Claudia Toth

Have you ever attempted curling? Have you even made it onto the ice without tripping and cracking a few vertebrae?

I have. I tried to play a game of curling this past winter and the only thing that happened was my friends laughing as I attempted to stand up long enough to make a play.

It is harder than it looks. Claudia Toth not only makes it look easy, she makes it look good.

Bruna Schmitz

I am as shocked as you are. Bruna Schmitz? Who is that?

She is a surfer from Brazil. Oh great, now Brazil is popping out surfers? This is unfair.

Cope Twins

The Cope Twins. The Paris Hilton wannabes of the 21st century.

They landed on my radar only a few months ago and now I find them to be one of the sexiest twin sister duo in sports. The fact that they race just makes them that much hotter. How many sexy twin sisters get behind the wheel in NASCAR?

Stephanie Rice

Why do we love the Summer Olympics? We can watch Stephanie Rice in a bathing suit and not have to explain to our wives or girlfriends about it. Yes sir!

Roberta Mancino
Extreme Sports

I never forgot about you, Roberta. I just needed to find a place to fit you in.

In the future, I will always make sure to find room for you. Even if I do an article about ants, I will find a way to include you. I promise.

Jennie Finch

Until I find another softball player as beautiful or as talented as Jennie Finch, she shall remain on top.

It will take a big-time player before I even consider anyone but the sexiest blonde to ever put on a softball uniform in this spot. I am always taking applications.

Allison Baver
Speed Skating

Her body looks amazing in the tight elastic body suit the speed skaters have to wear to improve their overall speed. I am not complaining, I just think they should be painted on instead. Right?

Maria Kirilenko

If you are a fan of Ana Ivanovic, Maria Sharapova, Daniela Hantuchova, Alona Bondarenko, Gisela Dulko or any of the other 342 beautiful female tennis players out there, I am sorry.

Maria Kirilenko is the hottest tennis player on a list that is longer than the number of Republican candidates for President of the United States. She earned this spot and now deserves your attention.

If you did not like her before, well, here she is anyways.

Blair O'Neal

From Arizona State to the Big Break, Blair O'Neal is the perfect choice to represent all female golfers.

She is not only beautiful, she is also, well, I'm not sure any more is needed. I usually move on from that previous sentence and I will do so again.

Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan didn't make soccer popular. She wasn't the first woman to impress us with her beauty on the field. She wasn't the sexiest female soccer player in the world.

Until now.

Alex Morgan has given us another reason to enjoy women's soccer in the U.S. It does not hurt that she is beautiful. That is just a plus.

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