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Famous People Who Died With Shocking Incidents


In today’s world not a day goes by when people take a look into their favorite celebrity’s lifestyle. These famous people are everywhere, such as in movies and TV shows etc. We are going to buzz you with shocking incidents about famous people over the years.

Karl Wallenda
Time of death: March 22 1978

A tightrope walking expert by profession, Karl Wallenda founded the “The Flying Wallendas” and quickly gained recognition for his courageous death-defying stunts. He was naturally skilled at it and he usually performed without a safety net to show authenticity and made the watching game more fun and realistic which is why during his last attempt at the age of 73 around 30, 000 people came to watch him walk between two towers, where due to losing his critical balance and probably due to the fluctuating wind speed he fell to his death from 121 feet.

Tyrone Power
Time of death: Nov 15 1958

If I were to choose between the iconic Elvis Presley and this guy I would definitely go for Tyrone Power, the name itself is powerfully attractive. He was very popular due to his rough, noisy, and quick sword wielding style that his roles required in many of his films, just as today the world is crazy for Captain Jack Sparrow being played by Johnny Depp, the same was displayed by Tyrone in his time. He worked in movies such as The Mark of Zorro, The Black Swan and Prince of Foxes; actually these three are my all-time favorites. He died at the age of 44 from a severe heart failure during filming a scene that required him to face a sword battle with his frequent duel partner.

Vic Morrow
Time of death: July 23, 1982

Born on Valentine’s Day 1929 Mr. Vic was from a Jewish family, and was way too careful when he went for acting, he is credited with the famous long running television series known as “Combat” and other various roles in movies and dramas. During filming for the “Twilight zone, The Movie” in California, a scene where Vic playing the role of Bill Corner was hovering in the helicopter over two child actors, the explosive effects went horribly wrong and forced the helicopter to crash right on top of the two child actors, killing the three on the spot.

Chung Ling Soo (William Ellsworth Robinson)
Time of death: March 24 1918

The American born magician who thought he didn’t look cool enough so he shaved off his head, grew a long pony tail, trimmed down his eyebrows and tried to look like the china’s clay pot, that’s right he used to perform all his tricks under his Chinese name Chung Ling Soo. His most famous trick called the Bullet catch trick, where he was being fired upon by his assistants on stage with guns that were modified and rigged behind the stage so that when fired the bullet did not leave the gun although there was sufficient amount of smoke to fool the audience that the real bullet had left the gun, and on the other end Chun Ling attempted to magically catch the bullet in midair. However on one occasion the gun being used again and again for these tricks horribly malfunctioned and the real bullet did leave the barrel and went straight into Chun Lee’s Chinese belly, his last words were and I quote “Oh my God. Something’s happened. Lower the curtain.”

Brandon Lee
Time of death: March 31, 1993

The child of the famous film star and a martial artist Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee was needed where roles required daring stunts, and complicated aerobatics. He quickly displayed his father’s talent, and began a career in movies and sometimes as a stunt man. His prominent films include Legacy of Rage, Laser Mission, Showdown in Little Tokyo, Rapid Fire and especially his last one where he was accidentally shot while performing the titular character in “The Crow”. The person in charge of the ammunition and realistic bullet effects etc. was running short of time, so he tried to create dummy bullets from modifying the real bullets, but forgot to remove the primers which if fired could still kill a human. The ammunition was ready to be used, one shot was all that was required to fatally wound Brandon Lee, who was 28 years old at the time, and he was rushed to the hospital where after a six-hour operation he was pronounced dead.

Roy Kinnear
Time of death: September 19 1988

Roy Kinnear was a fat man with a talent for acting in the mid 1980s; he was a character actor who lived almost all his life in England as opposed to famous actors wasting their money traveling around the world. His role as the Verruca’s Salts father in Charlie the chocolate factory is the most famous ever. On filming for The Return of The Musketeers on set, he accidentally fell from a running horse onto the hard sand and broke his pelvis. He was rushed to the local Spanish Hospital but he couldn’t keep up and with a severe heart attack following his surgeries, he passed away.

Sid James
Time of death: 26 April 1976

Nobody laughs better than this dude; his signature bad boy laughter was so famous that it became his trademark. He lived in England for most if his life although he was a South African actor and a popular comedian. Many described him as and I quote “a natural at being natural.” How cool is that! But this fame was short-lived and he frequently started to have heart attacks which deteriorated his acting abilities and remained under care for most of the time, people wanted him back for his lewd personality but when he finally came on stage, it was too late and he again had a heart attack and this time it was dead serious, people thought that he was faking it as a part of his role but he was actually passing out and an hour later he was pronounced dead at age of 62.

Steve Irwin
Time of death: 4th September 2006

Famously known as the crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin was a sturdy man, a lover of nature, a man who would prefer living in the wild than to hustle with the humanity. He appeared on many TV channels documenting wild animals and on some occasions he also recorded riskier underwater shots. Channels like Animal Planet, Discovery Science and National Geographic, repeatedly broadcasted his shows and adventures and this made him a famous TV personality. During one of his underwater recordings, he was tasked with documenting the lifestyle and breeding grounds of a stingray, he was few minutes into the film when the tables turned and he was bitten by the piercing barb of the stingray. No wonder this documentary was entitled “The Oceans Deadliest”. Well Steve you had enough of nature calls, rest in peace now.

Les Harvey
Time of death: 1972

Less Harvey was a well know guitarist in his time. He worked with several Scottish bands and was well-known for his participation in “Stone the Crows”, Alex Harvey soul band and The Blues council. It was at this famous Swansea Top rank that Les Harvey died, because he was gravely electrocuted by touching the lethal microphone, which wasn’t earthed, with his wet hands. I wonder what he was doing before touching the microphone.

Tommy Cooper
Time of death: 14th April 1984

This dude was a comedy genius and a popular magician with a red hat. He was the most sought after comedian during the 1960s. He was from Wales and a member of the Magic Circle, a body of magicians around the world, which meant that you were sworn not to reveal any of the secrets. On 14th April 1984, The majesty’s theater was in full swing with everyone moving around like bees, all was going well until Copper lost his balance and fell while performing in a scene, people thought that he was still acting because his comedic roles included his character to intentionally go wrong for most of his plays, so people felt that it was still an act but they were wrong, the poor guy died right there on the wooden stage. His fate clearly laughed back at him this time.

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