Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weirdest People on the Subway


Public transportation is a place where you can see some of the most unusual people. But most of all, it seems that most of the freaks like to use the underground transport to get to wherever they are headed to. You won’t believe your own eyes when you see who was in the wagon next to you. We are all weird in our own way, but these people are something else. Naked or dressed they live in their own world. When they pass the streets looking like that heads turn like crazy. See for yourself.

These are some pretty tired superheroes. Instead of flying they prefer using the subway since it is punctual.

I hope you haven’t had your breakfast yet, because this is disgusting.

This walking bush is certainly something you won’t see on a daily basis.

Is he still sleepwalking or what?

Shaving in the subway is increasingly becoming a hit. I hope this guy finishes up before he has to get off.

Here is a perfect solution for crowded transportations.

Now this will look good on the wall of his living room.

Is he trying to levitate or get a headache?

Never sleep on the subway!

When you live in the sewage your best friends ought to look like this.

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