Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Celebrities That Guys Are Sick Of..

Survey that just released the results of their 2011 Great Male Survey, which polled over 70,000 men from the United States, Canada, England, and Australia, about everything from their personal grooming habits to their breakup styles. Also included a couple of questions pertaining to celebs, where the results revealed that although Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber came in at #1 and #3 on Forbes' Celebrity 100 List respectively, it doesn't mean that everyone loves them.

When asked which female public figure they were most tired of hearing about, the men were presented with the following choices, and the results were as follows:

29% Lady Gaga
25% Sarah Palin
17% Kim Kardashian
15% Lindsay Lohan
3% Kate Middleton
3% Pippa Middleton
8% None of the above

Interestingly enough, when the percentages were broken down according to country, it was revealed that a whopping 42% of gents in the U.K. are not into keeping up with curvaceous Kim Kardashian. Meanwhile, 30% of American dudes said they were fed up with seeing Sarah Palin make headlines, while 34% of Aussie males and 32% of Canadian guys are so over Lady Gaga.

When asked the same question about males they were most sick of seeing in the spotlight, the results weren't quite as surprising. Clearly, men around the world have not been struck by Bieber Fever, and Charlie Sheen is no longer "winning."

47% Justin Bieber
20% Charlie Sheen
12% Barack Obama
8% Donald Trump
4% Prince William
3% Mark Zuckerberg
0% Arnold Schwarzenegger
6% None of the above

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