Monday, May 2, 2011

Photos Taken at the Right Moment


Most popular snapshots taken at the right moment. DO not leave your door open or a girl with too much make up on may freak you out.

Wash your teeth regularly so you don’t end up looking like this lovely couple.

Make sure that you have your oxygen mask before diving in, it might be risky.

Try not to hang out too much with celebrities; they are the favorite targets of people who like to make pranks.

Try not to take photos of old ladies with a back problem or you may burst in laughter.

Before taking a photo make sure you won’t have to run for your life after-wards.

Make sure that you haven’t invited your future wife’s ex boyfriend to your wedding or you may end up having a photo like this in your wedding album.

Don’t give children any alcohol or you will face the music.

If you fall asleep on a beach don’t be surprised if you see one of your photos on the internet when you wake up.

Try not to catch a shop-lifter on your camera; he/she won’t be pleased.

Posing might not always work, somebody behind you might steal your spotlight.

Scooby Doo bee Doo

Try putting less makeup or you may freak yourself out!

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